3 Best Apps For Saving Money To Get Cool Interest Rates In Nigeria

 There are different apps for saving money nowadays, but in this post i gather 3 apps that are very good for saving our money because of the interest added on our money. In this post i am going to be writing on 3 best apps for saving money. Let's roll up now 

1. Piggyvest: This is a Saving and investment platform launched in 2016 primarily for saving money. On Piggyvest, all interest are broken down and paid daily. They also give users a Flex-sub account where interests are paid and from where users can withdraw whenever they want. 

Checkout Piggyvest website here for more information https://www.piggyvest.com

2. ALAT(WEMA): This is another saving and digital bank based in nigeria, it was founded in the year 2017, it is a well and cool app for the saving of money with cool interest rate. 

Checkout ALAT(WEMA) website here for more information https://www.alat.ng

3. CARBON: Carbon is another app for saving money and also collecting loans, without much collaterals, it was founded in the year 2013. Other benefits for this app is for instant loans, payment of bills, buying of recharge cards online.

Download Carbon App on Google Playstore and Apple play store

I recommend you use any of the following websites and apps, to enjoy cool interest and savings rate 

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