3 Excellent Tools To Sky Rocket Your Blog For SEO and Traffic

 Today i am going to be writing on 3 of the best blog tools for your wordpress blogs and blogger blogs, As a blogger you need blog tools to rank well, for SEO, more blog traffic and more. In this post i am going to be talking about 3 blog tools i believe will help your blog and benefit your blog. Tag along and read till the end 


1. Yoast SEO: This helps your blog to meet the highest and best standard of SEO. It also helps your content to go viral and go top on different search engines. It is one of the most widely used popular wordpress tool, It makes things easy for you like, title, Meta tags description, set your targetted keywords and track how often you are using them, check sitemaps and more 

Checkout Yoast Seo Here https://www.yoast.com

2. Grammarly: This tool helps you ensure proper grammar and spelling mistakes automatically! This tool is a great key to cool content and fast writing without making silly errors, spelling errors, wrong grammar. 

How To Use Grammarly Tool

Install the Grammarly extension (It completely free to use and install) it's not compatible with all things like G-Suite but it does work with wordpress. After that you can type right into your wordpress content manager and it will underline incorrect words/sentences or you can type directly into the grammarly app this makes it easier to click on the correction without interrupting your flow when writing an article for your blog.

Checkout Grammarly Here https://www.grammarly.com

3. Live Chat: This is the last tool i am going to be writing about live chat is always very useful in your blog for you to understand your readers and customers. You can ask them what kiind of post they would love to see on your blog, ask questions and you supply answers all directly on your blog. There are various live chats you can integrate on your blog. But i will be showing you Zendesk Chat. 

Zendesk is the fastest and easiest way to engage your fans and readers on your blog 

Checkout Zandesk Here https://www.zendesk.com/chat 

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